Saturday, 25 September 2021

Our Books In Libraries

You can find the books and publications of Vision For the Future in all Christian bookshops. The following are the most important bookshops:

Dar Al-Thaqafa bookshops in different governorates of Egypt


In Cairo:

  • Manar bookshop: 17 Mourad Shiriai St. Masr al-Gedida
  • Al-Mahabba bookstore: 30 Shoubra St. Egypt
  • Episcopal Publishing House: 30 Shoubra St. Egypt
  • Orthodox Publishing House: Masr Wa Sudan, Omar Effendi building
  • Salvation Souls Society: 12 Kota St. Shoubra Egypt
  • Sat 3: 3 Al-Baetha St.
  • Esaaf Evangelical Church: Esaaf station
  • Al-Aaelah bookshop: 45 Kleopatra Heliopolis
  • Faith Church in Victoria Square
  • Nasr City Evangelical Church: 45 Abou Dawoud El-Zahery St.
  • Kasr el Dobara: 7 Sheikh Rihan St.
  • Dar Aqlam in front of the Ministry of the Interior
  • Virgin church bookstore in El-Zaitoun
  • Beit Al-Mahabba in El-Zaitoun


In Alexandria and areas around:

  • Beit Agaby in Wadi Natrun
  • Beit El-Salam in Agami
  • Nile bookshop


In Assiut and Minya

  • Dar Al-Kalma bookshop in Assiut
  • Bible Society bookstore in Assiut
  • Nile bookstore in Assiut
  • Al-Ragaa bookstore in Minya


In Luxor and Aswan

  • Evangelical church bookstore in Luxor
  • Good Shepherd Association bookshop in Luxor
  • Al-Ragaa bookstore in Aswan


In various provinces

  • Bethel Qaluob in Qalyoub el-Balad
  • New Shery in Sohag
  • Evangelical Church in Fayoum
  • Evangelical Church in Mansoura
  • Evangelical Church in Tanta
  • Evangelical Church in Beni Suef
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