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Contemporary Issues

The Bible touches on every aspect of our spiritual lives and on our relationships with God. Furthermore, it does not ignore the difficult issues we face in our contemporary lives. It is a book for all times. When we face an issue, we find that the biblical perspective's thinking about it is clarifying. This series deals with contemporary issues (such as divorce, abortion, death and addiction) from a biblical perspective.

14 - A Happy Home Is No Accident


Author: Sarwat Thabet 
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

Is marriage now defamed?Is marriage a failing prospect? Is a successful marriage a mere coincidence?How can we maintain our love? This book contains 52 ideas that will help you be a better husband and father, in accordance with God's mind, and to be the same as a wife and mother.


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13 - A Cry Of Pain


Author: Benny Crystal Andersen
Translated into Arabic by: Nevine Iskander and Elishwa Hanna 
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

This book is about the internal world of the refugees, particularly those traumatised psychologically, and the immigrants and their offspring.


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11 - Adoption in Christianity and International Conventions


Author: Emad Felix
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

The evolution that human society has witnessed undoubtedly affects the societal structure straight, specifically the family. The power law was prevailing in the first era of history; hence the child position inside the family was not stable. Tribes' leaders used to select a favorable child to them for a mentorship, caring for him, granting him many privileges such as name and inheritance. However the evolution of the society took a different turn with the aim of protecting, fostering and caring for the best interest of the child. Many international agreements were concluded to protect Children's rights in the framework of Human Rights ensuring and obliging the international community to find institutions and legal systems sponsoring Child's concerns.

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10 - Magic: Fact or Illusion?


Author: Maged Sidhom
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

Is magic fact or illusion? Are there any statistics available which explain its spread? To what extent is magic related to culture? Is there confusion between magic, sorcery, superstition, inspiration and sleight of hand? These are the kinds of questions addressed by Book 10 in Vision for the Future's Series on Contemporary Issues.

The Bible talks about magic. It warns about omen, pessimism, bringing up souls, consulting the dead, turning to mediums and to spirits, and making children pass through the fire. The New Testament gives examples of Christ's power over evil spirits, such as the healing of the women that ‪had been bent over for 18 years‬, and the dumb man who had been possessed by a demon. In addition, in Acts, we watch Barnabas and Paul face Elymas the magician. Later, in Philippi, Paul faces the woman who has the spirit of Python within her, and we observe as Paul rebukes the evil spirit and casts it out of her. Repentance is often associated with the burning magic books. ‬‬‬‬‬

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9 - Controversial Medical Issues


Author: Dr. Effat Shawki & Nasrallah Zakaria
Publisher: Vision For Future (2012)

This book is an attempt to create compatibility between science and law in the fields of medical ethics, and to reflect on culturally inherited religious and societal norms, together with traditions. The authors are committed to being impartial, to presenting scientific facts alongside of Christian and Islamic concepts of faith; with equitable endorsements and quotes from key figures such as Pope Shenouda III, early desert fathers, Muslim leaders such as the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, and secular and Islamic leaders and thinkers. We have taken this approach, to follow the standard of international human rights, and to present widely accepted concepts and objective laws within each topic.

Alongside of objectivity, we are committed to the Christian perspective, which emphasizes human rights and dignity, because we are created in God's image to know Him and to serve Him by serving each other. We are agents of God on earth. Therefore we must care about being role models for people afar; and windows through which the world sees the person of Christ.

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8 - Women in Christianity


Author: Samuel Zaki
Publisher: Vision For Future (2012)

Neither studies on women nor the discrepancies about their status at home, in the community or in the church, are new. Many books have been written and will be written about women, both in civilized and developing countries. There will be two voices shouting in opposition to each other, while the woman stands confused between both. One voice treats her as a human being absolutely equal to man, and the other considers her less than man ... because they do not give attention to what revelation says: "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." (Genesis 2:18)

In the medium sized book of 288 pages, "Women in Christianity," issued by the publications of Vision for Future in 2012, the author, Samuel Zaki, attempts to shed light on all aspects related to women, from the biblical, Islamic and contemporary points of view.

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7 - An Encyclopedia of Sacred Sex


Author:Dr. Effat Shawki Asaad
Introduction: Dr. Maher El-Dabaa
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

Marriage is a sacred bond recognized by society. On the basis of the legal legitimacy of this relationship, men and women are able to live together. Marriage is the normal system used in the Bible. It refers to the relationship between God and his people in the Old Testament, and between Christ and the church in the New Testament. The sexual relationship is a measure of the success of the marital relationship. However, some disorders and problems are known to negatively affect the marriage.

"The Encyclopedia of Sacred Sex," published by Vision for the Future, is the seventh book in the contemporary issues series. In this book, Dr. Effat Shawki Asaad addresses the sexual relationship, presenting the Bible's ideal vision of it and revealing it from a scientific perspective, in a simplified orderly account for the laity and non-experts. Presenting the most common problems that occur in the sexual relationship, the author also explains some of their causes, how to prevent them, and even suggests ways of solving these problems. While the book may be a helpful introduction, he affirms the need for some couples to consult a specialist doctor, depending on their particular circumstances.

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6 - Human Rights in the Law and in the Bible


Author: Emad Felix
Publisher: Vision For Future (2011)

 "Human Rights in the law and the Bible" is the sixth book in Vision for the Future's "contemporary issues" series, and is written by Emad Felix a Human Rights activist. In this medium sized book, of 130 pages, the author tackles the issue of human rights, and several related issues.

Man is born honored. No one can deny his esteem or worth. Part of his inherent dignity is that human virtue implies respecting and advocating this dignity against any form of humiliation or degradation. The importance of such high respect is evidenced in many communities by the fact that respecting human rights is a primary condition for creating a state of inner and outer peace.

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5 - A Theological View of Revolution


Author: Rev. Nasrallah Zakaria
Publisher: Vision For Future (2011)

In the introduction to "The theological concept of revolutions", a 150-pages book of medium size, the author wonders if people can be lulled into yielding to an unjust governor, or whether they should arise against injustice, helping found justice and remove oppression from their fellow man. Man is created in God's image and in his likeness. Man's basic rights are ensured by international charters and covenants of Human Rights, are they not to be respected by any governor!? Are people to listen only to religious institutions, or should they seek to bring victory for those who are wronged and oppressed? Are these God's commandments? How do we understand the Church's call, when it prevents youth from joining protests, especially, in the light of the great revolutionaries and prophets of the Bible, like Nathan, Elijah, John the Baptist, Jesus Christ himself, Paul, and others? Isn't the church's role confined to guiding and directing people in a spiritual frame? Or has it become an institution working in politics against its nature and call?

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4 - Types of Addiction and Methods of Treatment


Author: Maged Sidhom
Publisher: Vision For Future (2010)

Addiction is one of the most serious issues facing the Christian family. Therefore, Christians ought to be aware of the information that is available to help them treat cases and issues of addiction. The family is the foundation of both the society and the church. If it collapses because of a challenge like addiction, the whole of society is in danger of collapsing. Before this pressing need, Maged Sidhom presents a thorough study in his book, Types of Addiction and Methods of Treatment. This medium size book (about 220 pages in length) is among Vision for the Future's publications for 2010. It is a simple attempt to make sense of the complexities of addiction and to cover their related aspects.

The author divides the book into two major parts, addressing addictions as either chemical or behavioral. However, within these two structural divisions, the individual aspects related to different types of addiction are branched further into several subtitles.

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3 - Violence Against Women


Author: Rev. Refaat Fekry
Publisher: Vision For Future (2010)

This medium sized book of almost 200 pages belongs within the series of "Contemporary Issues" books, published by Vision for Future in 2010.

With the turn of the 21st century, and despite the tremendous progress man has attained at every level in all areas of life, from science, to technology, to the communication revolution, it is unfortunate that his tremendous progress has not been able to guide humanity to real peace, compassion, love, or harmony. Great manifestations of racism, savagery, barbarism, and ignorance continue to be rooted in the human psyche, as if it refuses to shake off those old drawbacks and disadvantages, despite the psyche's change of external robe. Among the most negative of manifestations is "violence against women." This violence is an aspect of the "cultural heritage with a long history dating back to the days of jahiliyah, when man had been proud to commit female infanticide, as a symbol of scandal and disgrace."

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2 - Marriage in Christianity


Author: Rev. Nasrallah Zakaria
Publisher: Vision For Future (2010)

In this book, Rev. Nasralla addresses the subject of marriage in Christianity from a Christian and Biblical perspective. The same author also tackles the topic of sexuality and the value of women because these topics relate to marriage. By addressing all three of these topics in one book, the writer presents a comprehensive study on the relationships of men and women.

Even before the emergence of government and institutions, or any other system, marriage is one of the oldest systems arranged by God for man. The system of marriage was established when God created man as male and female in the garden. God made and commissioned them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth." Therefore, societies devoid of marriage are rare.

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1 - Marriage And Divorce In Christianity


Author: Pastor Ashraf Shooq
Publisher: Vision For Future (2008)

Marriage and divorce in Christianity has always been one of the biggest issues for philosophers to tackle. Scientists, theologians, and philosophers have been unable to develop or agree on final solutions for the problems around marriage and divorce because of the divergence of the ramifications, and also because of the range of different religious, cultural, and environmental factors, which all play major roles in judging these most controversial of matters. Therefore, the author tackles this issue in several ways through this medium-sized book of 130 pages.

One of the most important points that the writer touches on in the opening chapter is marriage from the biblical and theological perspective. The second chapter is entitled "Legal and Social Perspective on Divorce." Finally, the third chapter discusses the moral perspective on divorce.

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