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Counseling Curricula

When pressures and problems grow, people need someone to stand by them, to listen, and to bring God's Word. This kind of faithful counsel can be like a candle lighting their way amid the harsh and difficult conditions of darkness that cover the roads of their lives. Vision for the Future's counseling curricula is intended to be this, and to help believers play such a role.

3 - Say Good Bye To Failure


Author: Dr. Samy Said Salama 
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

Do you find yourself in a desperate situation? Do find life to be unfair? Do you wish things could change for the better? These questions, and many other, are the main core of this book, which it is trying to answer; aiming at helping you live a more stable life, under changing circumstances.


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1 - Martyrdom or Suicide?


Author: Dr. Magdy Youssef
Publisher: Vision For Future (2011)

In his book entitled "Suicide or Martyrdom?" Dr. Magdy Youssef provides a thorough study of how people succumb under growing pressures and problems, and a helpful means to help those who need someone to stand by them, to listen and give faithful counsel and help lead them to willful hope and change.

In the preface, he demonstrates that suicide is not only an abhorrent and undesirable act; but it is also a rejected act from both religious and social perspectives. Religion prohibits suicide because it is a life-taking behavior. The soul is created by God and belongs to Him alone. He is the only One who has the right to take it back whenever He wants. Suicide is also conceived socially as an expression of weak will and inability to cope with life difficulties.

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2 - What are you afraid of?


Author: Dr. Magdy Youssef
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

God created man with a survival instinct that enabled him to sense the danger of predators and to run away with his life. Were it not for this fear, none of our ancestors would have survived. However, the most important cause of our fear of mortality is the ignorance of the nature of things. When one fears darkness it is because one does not know what he might face. One of the most erroneous beliefs about courage is that it is the absence of fear. But this is not true. Courage is the ability to keep pressing on, despite one's fear. Fear brings you to a halt, whereas courage encourages you to go on.

For this reason, Dr. Magdy Youssef tackles the topic of fear throughout his book, Afraid of What? He treats different aspects of fear throughout its 180 pages, seeking to guide readers to rid themselves of this virus that has ruined many people's lives, and has led to many wrong and devastating decisions for individuals and families.

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