Saturday, 25 September 2021

ً3 - Waters From A Deep Well


Author: Geralad L. Sitser
Translated into Arabic by:Nagy M. Takla
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

Gerald Sitser opens up windows into the rich world of Christian spirituality, offering us a chance to meditate upon the practices of believers in old times, who have, too, experienced the thirst for God.


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2 - The Whisper of the Sea


Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

A story about the soul's journey in search of God.Vidos is a Greek slave, of a Romanian leader who was sick, and Christ healed him from a distance, so he decides to search for Jesus.In this story you will experience a great enjoyment, and discover truths you've never known before!


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1 - A Mustard Seed


Author: Shady George
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

They burnt down the shop
The day they set fire to houses
Churches and schools
My shop was burnt down as well
Just in front of my eyes
My provisions
My children's food
My living
My resources
Were burnt to a crisp
In a blink of an eye

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